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The boss babe gets asked a lot about herself so we put together a lil bio about our mysterious lemon drop owner. 


Amanda was born and part raised outside of Chicago where her dad was born and raised. Her mom is from the UP (aka the upper peninsula of Michigan) and that's where she fell in love with the slopes at a little resort called Ski Brule. Anyways, Chi-town is her birthright, that's why she's a big Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks, and Bulls fan.  I've heard her sing the entire Chicago Bears fight song so she's the real deal.  But Amanda has adopted the Giants, Dubs and 9ers as second teams after calling norcal home and dating enough fans.

The blonde babe was also raised in Arizona and did most grade school there.  The weather and vibe were not to her midwest liking and she settled on the University of Colorado at Boulder for college.  She graduated with a BA in Integrative Physiology and went onto Colorado State University to snag another BA in Journalism and Public Relations.


Sooooo how did she end up in beautiful Tahoe owning an skincare studio???? We're getting there. 

Amanda's last semester with CSU was a Summer in Italy in a small community, Urbino in the Marche region, and right after that she took her already packed bags and drove west, well more west, to the big city of San Francisco, because at the time Denver just wasn't going to cut it. She resided there for about 2 years working multiple jobs, 7 days a week, before she realized the mountains were calling. 

Amanda found happiness managing high end day spas in Breckenridge, Colorado for a year and soon set out to get her aesthetics license in Denver.  In Denver all eyes became laser beamed on South Lake Tahoe after taking a handful of trips to SLT as a miserable Bay Area slave. 

There's a proverb with Tahoe woman that goes.... "women either follow a man here or they come here right after a breakup" and our Amanda is the latter.

That heartbreak sent her on a mission to conquer a lot, but it's paying off in and out of the office.

Amanda loves snowboarding and has recently got back on skis for the first time in 20 years.  She's really pushed herself to hike and backpack bigger and bigger peaks.  We think she's addicted and she agreed.  She loves basic babe things too like wineries, swanky cocktails, shopping, plants, beach days in a tiny bikini, and puppies.  Her puppy is a yellow lab named Nala Nova Luna who is the greeter and security at the studio. 

The name "The Lemon Drop" came to her one night in aesthetics school. She wanted something fun and welcoming, much like a bar.  She loves the show Cheers and was definitely inspired by that energy.

The Lemon Drop was born out of the pandemic when Amanda lost her aesthetics job and decided to put all her eggs in TLD basket. It's now going strong after almost 2 years in business.  Amanda is resilient and never sweats change or challenges. She's lived in SLT for 5 years so she's about half way to being a local.  She jokes she gets more years since the first 3 places she ever went in all of Tahoe were: Lakeside, Turn 3, and Steamers (in that order).   

Her favorite service is a Brazilian wax so if you're nervous just know she's done well over 10,000 of them.  She has quick wit and takes no shits. She's not for everybody, but everybody seems to enjoy her unapologetic self.  

Amanda is single and not much of a mingle outside of work but once in a while your might catch her out and about. She definitely enjoys the solitude of the Sierras and the freedom of their wilderness.  Amanda is not much of a brag, if you're lucky enough to meet her out she shies away form work banter and has been know to fib and say she's an accountant to get out of talking shop. 

Amanda does love her clients though. She's a real girls girl and just gets it.  You can tell her anything and she won't judge you, which is the exact energy you want from the woman waxing your whooohaaa.

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