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Can you get waxed on your period?

Yes! You just need to wear a tampon or cup.

Will I be more sensitive to waxing on my period?

No! Your most sensitive time of the month is actually the week before your period. Every gal is different though, but the pain difference is very minimal if any at all. 

Does caffeine make waxing hurt more? 

Yes! Caffiene intake as well as being hungover can make a wax appointment more painful. 

Does waxing hurt more than other hair removal products? 

Probably depends on who's doing your hair removal, but in general soft waxing hurts less because it doesn't hurt when the product is applied and there's no "picking" it off causing discomfort, also it's typically faster. 

How long does hair need to be to wax? 

Hair typically needs to be about 1/4th of an inch to lift.  That's about 2 weeks without shaving. 

do I need to trim my hair before a wax? Can it be too long? 

NO! Put down the scissors! It can never be too long.  Trimming actually makes it harder to wax and thus harder on you! 

can I have sex or workout after a wax? 

Yes! You can do anything right after a wax, you may be red or more sensitive so it's totally up to you, but you do just want to clean up right after activities if doing so within 24-48 hours of a wax appointment. Or if you don't want to get jiggy with it or get swool then I'll totally be your scape goat.

can I get waxed if I'm pregnant? 

Yes! I do recommend getting started on Brazilians before your near your due date though.  I don't recommend trying something new right before giving birth.  

I'm a bride and want a Brazilian! can I get one right before my wedding? 

Yes, buuuuut I again recommend trying it before your big day.  At least have 3 on the books before your wedding.  

Do I tan or wax first? 

1. wax 2. tan (beds or spray)

how often should I get waxed? 

About every 3-6 weeks.  I'd say 99% of people are every 4 weeks. 

What all does the Brazilian wax entail? 

It includes all the hair downstairs including b/w the cheeks. The rule of thumb here is if you're removing hair off the labia then it's a Brazilian. If you leave a strip or triangle on top it's still a full Brazilian. 

I don't have that much hair. Is it still the same price? 

Yes. 20 hairs or 100 hairs it's still about the same about of product used and time booked. A size 0 jeans costs the same as a size 8 jeans. 

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